About Us



Welcome to the future of fishing!

Our mission at Bio Bait is to protect and conserve our fisheries for generations to come by offering a safer alternative to soft plastic!


Bio Bait is a revolutionary, patented, water soluble, safer alternative, fishing lure and apparel company. Bio Baits patented formula breaks down 99% quicker than the industry standard.  


Safer for fish and the environment. Bio Bait is a giant step in the right direction of finding a 100% biodegradable fishing lure alternative to plastic. With your support and help we can move closer to finding that ultimate answer.


Bio Bait is infused with fish oil during production so the scent last as long as the bait. No more dipping your lures in scent just to be lost after the first cast. Bio Bait never dries up and only smells better the longer it's in the water. Open up a pack of the industry standard and then give Bio Bait a smell. Bio Baits scent is infused in our secret sauce to attract fish, not to mask the unnatural smell of the industry standard plastics.  


Do you think a fish would prefer the taste of plastic or fish food? We will let your results speak for itself and hope you'll give us a try.


 Bio Bait relies heavily on our community for feedback and ideas. Bio Baits fishing engineers want to know what color and flake combinations work where you fish. You are apart of our family and community now. Please follow us on all our social media and feel free to share your thoughts with


On behalf of the Bio Bait team we want to thank you for stopping by! We will continue to add more offerings to cover every species of fish out there. We are starting small and need all the help we can get. We appreciate your support and interest.  


Bio Bait